Be Safe Online!

Dear Children, because we believe that you are a child that is eager to learn more, have fun and enjoy surfing the web, we want to offer you a couple of resources or tools that would benefit you in your activities on the web, while providing important information in order to be safe and enjoy your privacy.

1 The Think U Know platform is offered by the team at the
NCA’s CEOP Command and is full of information specially
designed for you, in order to know:- What is good
– What is not good
– What can you do about it.
And it gives you a place where you can report it if you feel uncomfortable or worried about some one that you are
chatting to online.
2 Safety Land is a great place to test your ability to spot the dangers from the surroundings and to test your limits, knowledge and awareness of any nasty characters that want to invade your world.
Answer the correct questions and send all the nasty characters to jail, becoming the games (and real life) hero.
Go get them!!!
3 Kid Smart is all about
being SMART online. It is addressed to children from both KS1, KS2 as well as above.Great tool to play and test your e-safety knowledge.Enjoy learning.

4CEOP Command is a great place ceop
to go for advice, help or make a report to the safe
ty centre. It provides information for parents, pupils, teachers, law enforcers. It’s got information about how to use the webcam, how to stay safe online, how to stay safe while using social media and lots more… Check it out!