Millbrook Combined School will soon be launching a new website.

Millbrook Activity Club has launched a new website. Please visit our new website here

Millbrook Combined School has signed a partnership with New Era Education in order to provide a new Virtual Learning Environment to our pupils but also to increase the parental engagement by using our very own school app called school ping.

shocase 1The platform is available to our pupils and it can be accessed through this LINK  or by clicking on the image on the left. The information about the new VLE will be provided by the teachers. If you have any difficulties accessing DB Primary and School Ping App please contact the school office.

Want to know more about what is coming? Why not use our School Ping app. It’s free and can be downloaded it from App store or Google Play.
To download the SchoolPing app open the App store/Google Play, type SchoolPing and choose the app with the SchoolPing ping - parent app

Check out the New Era Education website to find out more about School Ping.


If you want to see what other pupils from other schools are saying about the same type of VLE platform please watch this movie.

But that is not all that is new: 2000px-Twitter_logo.svg_ and facebook are soon to be launched as well here at Millbrooks Combined School. Stay tuned for more details.