Information for Ofsted Inspection

The required information by the Department of Education on what the school’s should have published on their websites can be reviewed below:

School contact details

More contact details of our scontactchool can also be found here. This includes the name, address and telephone number of the school, the general email address, and the names of the people who will deal with initial enquiries from parents and other members of the public.

Admission arrangements

Details of our admission arrangements can be found here. The Buckinghamshire County Council School Admissions information can be found here (external website). For September 2016 the Admissions policies from Bucks County Council can be found here, primary community schools can be found  here and for nursery it can be found here.

To register an interest in the school or to book an appointment to view the school, please contact Mrs Stepanek in the school office via email at office @ or telephone 01494 524791.

Ofsted reports

Our last full Ofsted inspection was in 2013 and have been graded as a “Good“. The full report can be found here (external website). Nursery Plus 2 Ofsted Inspection Report can be found here.

The report on the way the parents see the 12 aspects of Millbrook Combined School from the quality of teaching, dealing with bullying to poor behaviour can be found here (external website).

Results & Performance tables

Our most recent results from KS2 can be found here (external website). You can view all schools’ performance here (external website), and you can see what parents have to say about us here (external website).


Information on our curriculum can be found here. Details of our phonics scheme can be found here. Yearly planners are detailed here.

Behaviour Policy

Our Behaviour Policy can be found here.

Pupil Premium

Information on our Pupil Premium allocation, how we intend to spend it, and how we spent previous years’ allocation can be found here

PE and sport premium

Information on our Sports Premium can be found here.

Special Educational Needs

Our Special Educational Needs (SEN) information can be found here.

Our designated staff for SEN is Mr S Dodd – Assistant Headteacher Inclusion

Charging and remissions policy

Our charging and remissions policy can be found here.


You can find our school’s ethos here. Information on Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development can be found here, and specific information on our British values can be found here.


Information on our governing board can be found here. Our school’s governing body statement of principles can be accessed here.

Millbrook Combined School on social media

Millbrook Combined School is not currently using any social media.

Clubs and activities

Information on school clubs, nursery plus 2 or other extra-curricular activities (breakfast, after school, and extra curricular) can be found here.


Information on our school uniform can be found here.

Parental involvement

Millbrooks Combined School information about Friends of Millbrook can be accessed here, and information on the Parent Consultation Group can be found here.


Information about our school meals, including a link to our menu plans, can be found here.

Requests for copies

If a parent requests a copy of the information presented above on our schools website we will provide this free of charge.