Partnership with Parents

We place great value on the positive and mutually supportive partnership between parents and the school.  Parents support the school and enhance children’s learning in a number of ways.

Home/School Agreement

We are committed to working in partnership with parents, and parents are encouraged to take a full and active role in their child’s education.

We have a Home/School Agreement and we work with parents to ensure that the school’s Home/School Agreement is upheld. We ask all parents and pupils to sign the Home/School Agreement every autumn term.

Parent / Teachers consultations

The school offers parent/teacher consultation each term.  These provide the opportunity for parents to discuss, in private, their child’s progress with the teachers.  The school expects teachers to have talked to parents each term.


Parents receive a comprehensive report of their child’s achievements towards the end of the summer term.  Each report includes:

•     comments on the child’s attitudes, attainment and progress in all subjects

•     attendance record

•     general progress and the child’s contribution to the life of the school.

Parent Council

The Parent Council greatly improves and enhances communication, between parents and the school as a whole. The Parent Council works in a similar way to the School Council, it provides an opportunity for parents to put on the agenda school matters that you would like to discuss.  It also enables the opportunity for Miss Mansfield to consult with parents on a variety of issues and hear your views.  Please see the Parent Council page for more information.