Transport / Travel Plan

Transporting pupils to and from school

Children’s safety is our first priority.  We would like as many children as possible to walk to school on a daily basis.  Parents will want to accompany children who are young and some parents will allow older children to make part or all of the way to school on their own. If you have allowed your child to make their way to and from school on their own, the school asks for you to provide permission in writing.

When walking children should cross at the designated crossing are on Mill End Road with the Crossing Patrol Officer and walk down the access lane on the south side of the building to enter the playground.  A member of staff from the Senior Leadership Team will be present on the lane from 8:40am until 9:00am and again from 3:10pm to 3:30pm.

We understand for some Parents walking to and school can be difficult, therefore we do ask Parents who need to drive their children to school to be considerate to our neighbours when parking.  Parents are not permitted to drive onto the forecourt or the lane at anytime to drop off or collect their children.  Visitors are reminded that it is illegal to park on double yellow lines or on the zig zag lines identifying the crossing point.  It is also illegal to block the pavement.  These restrictions are now being enforced by Police Community Support Officers in partnership with the school staff.  There are a number of nearby roads that have limited or no parking restrictions.  These roads include Gilletts Lane, Eaton Avenue, Fryers Lane and Grafton Street.  There are no yellow lines further along Mill End Road towards Dashwood Avenue.

Travel Plan

The school is committed to supporting sustainable travel for all involved in the school with the overall aim of encouraging a reduction in the use of private cars on the school journey, improving road safety and realising the health benefits from increasing exercise levels and reducing pollution.

The school achieved Level 3 status for its Travel Plan in 2005 and has successfully maintained that level since then.  The school runs an active “Walk to School” initiative with many children participating and aims to offer “Footsteps” training for children across the whole school.  We also run Bikeability cycle training courses for pupils in years 6 to equip them to cycle to and from school.  Parents are actively encouraged to support various activities and should register their interest with the school office.


Car parking on site is for the use of all school staff and other staff working in the Millbrook Centre. A parking permit system is in operation in order to identify valid parking for both staff and visitors.

Parents of the pupils in school and students at Adult Learning are not permitted to park on site unless they display a disabled badge.  The forecourt should not be used for ‘drive through and drop off’ by parents nor should parents be parking in the car park at the rear of the school for collecting pupils.