Parent Council

Parent Council

The introduction of a Parent Council greatly improves and enhances communication, between parents and the school as a whole. The Parent Council works in a similar way to the School Council, it provides an opportunity for parents to put on the agenda school matters that you would like to discuss.  It also enables the opportunity for Miss Mansfield to consult with parents on a variety of issues and hear your views.  Parents who become members of the Council are representing their class, and so all parents can put items on the meeting agenda via their class representatives.  The class representatives then feed the results of their meeting back to their class parents.

Each class will need to have a representative and it would be extremely useful if, as a class you could think about and discuss who would be willing to represent you.  I will ask for new nominees at the start of each academic year.

Meetings will take place at a regular time each half term.

Parent Council Representatives

Chair Miss Hackney
Secretary Mrs Stepanek
Nursery AM Mrs Sri Arake
Nursery PM Miss Stevi Kearney
RCE Vacant
RKH Vacant
RBM Miss Tayba Ibrar
1LB Miss Jacqueline Bacchus
1AR Mrs Hilary PayneMr Allistar Cranston
2AC Miss Louise Emmett
2AA Miss Samina Khan
3SI Vacant
3EB Vacant
4CU Miss Tara Markwell
4SZ Mrs Nasrah Qayum
5EO Vacant
5NH Vacant
6YA Vacant
6PC Vacant


To view the Terms of Reference for the Parent Council please click on the document below:

Parent Council Terms of Reference